About Beacham's Clock Co.

Beacham's Clock Company exists to serve the horological community with quality service and unique creations, all while advancing the profession and building an admirable reputation of integrity.

A Horological Collective

The Team

Who We Are

Ed Beacham


Master Clockmaker

Ed made his first clock as a wood shop assignment in high school. That kicked off his career in clock repair to earn extra money while he served in the Air Force. Kathi came into his life about this time and they married so Kathi came alongside Ed to make and repair clocks. They moved to Sisters in 1978 and after passing through countless times on their way to Smith Rock so Ed could scale the world-class walls there.

Sisters was still a small, sleepy town with only a handful of buildings on Hood Avenue. But Ed's creations drew the discerning collector and Kathi's tea and clock repair shop drew the masses seeking out fine teas and quality clock repair. Over the next 40+ years the Beacham's would cement themselves as a town favorite for visitors. They also made themselves indispensable in the community as Ed served as Pastor at the Chapel in the Pines in nearby Camp Sherman and Chaplain/Paramedic in the Sisters fire department.

Today the Beacham's welcome craftsmen and professionals to share ownership of the reputation they have built to better serve the horological community and support several families with the business they have built.

Visit Beacham's Clock Company to learn the full story. Each clock has its own unique story!

Kathi Beacham


Operations Manager

Kathi married Ed in 1970 and has been working at his side ever since. She runs the retail business, coordinates the clock repair, oversees the consignment business, keeps the books and generally maintains the building. She handled the clock repair before Reed came to work with the Beacham's so when she answers the phone, she can usually diagnose your clocks ailment or walk you through a simple fix. Kathi can be found regularly setting up the showroom displays, handling the shipping and receiving, paying the bills, serving customers, quoting the clock repairs, and providing appraisals. All of this work she does for the love of her customers, town and her eccentric husband.

Reed Strickland


Clock Repair Specialist

Reed Strickland was raised in Canada, grew up in a farming environment where he developed a keen interest in all things mechanical. Largely self taught, he has an intuitive sense of how things work and why they don’t. He comes from a wide background, being a commercial fisherman, a welder, and a pipe fitter in the oil fields. He also worked in a copper mine. In 1979 he began repairing clocks owning the Chime and Time Clock Shop in Bend, Oregon. Although being competitors, the Beacham's developed a deep respect and admiration for his horological abilities. In August 2004, Reed moved his repair practice to Beacham's Clock Company. Reed's responsibilities include regularly taming Buddy, the public relations specialist.

April Strickland


Clock Repair Specialist

April is an Oregon native. She was born and raised in various places throughout the state, but decided to settle in Central Oregon. She learned clock repair working alongside her father-in-law, Reed Strickland. April chose clock repair after trying her hand at various vocations while attending Central Oregon Community College and Oregon State University where she learned AutoCAD, design and physics. April has over 10 years experience and doesn't see her passionate, mechanically-bent mind doing anything else.

Buddy the Cat


Public Relations Specialist

Buddy joined Beacham's clock company in the summer of 2012. He came from humble beginnings in the back of the neighbor's shed. He has worked hard to gain noterity as a solid 25+ pound (more-to-love) orange fuzzball. Buddy's duties include public relations, shedding, security and naps.